Gourmet Dog Treats With An Attitude

Two big, hungry dogs with discerning tastes proved that the way to a dog's heart is through the stomach when they gave their unwavering pledge of approval to the biscuits which became the official treats offered by Bad Dog Biscuits.

Bad Dog Biscuits is a new kind of dog biscuit company.  We go to great lengths to make sure that your doggies get the freshest, most nutritious and fun snacks available.  Bad Dog Biscuits is the result of creating and baking new recipes using our resident taste-testers.  Results were easy to judge - if the biscuit disappeared and the tail wagged, the recipe was good.  If the biscuit got a wary sniff and a sideways glance, the recipe got tossed.  Next came discussions with our veterinarian who gave the "paws up" on our new creations using all-natural ingredients.  Finally, our local "research groups" gave a "yappy" response to the bags of freshly baked treats handed out on trial runs.  We figured we had a winner!

We strive to provide Bad Dogs (and good ones, too) with fun, healthy and affordable gourmet dog biscuits and treats, so they get the high standard of love and rewards they deserve.  We guarantee that Bad Dog Biscuits will always be:

  • High Quality
    Our biscuits and treats are made with all-natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.  All biscuits are hand crafted and baked to perfection before being carefully packaged to ensure that they arrive at your home as fresh as when they left our ovens.
  • Crunchy
    No skinny, easily broken biscuits here.  Our dog treats are always thick and crunchy, and last for several hearty mouthfuls of delicious enjoyment.
  • Fresh
    All of our biscuits and dog bones are packaged and sealed in sturdy, airtight bags with individual oxygen absorbers on the day they're baked to keep them fresh until your dog is lucky enough to eat them - although no Bad Dog would let treats like these sit around too long.  Our biscuits do not require refrigeration and last for about five months in the original sealed package.
  • Pet Rated
    Although it's better stuff than we put in our own bodies, please use Bad Dog Biscuits™ as pet treats only - not for humans.