Gourmet Dog Treats With An Attitude

Biscuit Advisor

 Not sure which biscuit is right for your canine friend? Use our Biscuit Advisor to select the perfect treat for dogs with specific needs or tastes.

Doggie Need
We Recommend...
My pooch likes harder or crunchier biscuits.... Try Tiny Bites, Big Bites, Smooch Your Pooch or Canine Carryout depending on your dog size or specific need (see below)
My pooch likes softer biscuits... Try Bag o'Cats (soft) or Ginger Bites (softest)
I have a "Big Dog" (small treats disappear too quickly) Try Big Bites for a hearty mouthful, or Canine Carryout for some big "meaty burgers"
I have a "Small Dog" (big treats are just too much) Try Tiny Bites or Bag o'Cats for small dogs, or break soft Ginger Bites up into tiny "easy-to-eat" pieces for the smallest dogs
Phew! My pooch has "Doggy Breath! Try Smooch Your Pooch - our natural doggie breath mint made with dried organic spearmint
My dog is older or is a puppy and needs easily digestable biscuits... Try Ginger Bites made with rice flour and natural ginger to aid digestion
My dog is allergic to wheat, corn and/or dairy... Try Ginger Bites for a sensitive canine tummy
Do you offer a vegetarian biscuit without any meat products? You bet!  Try our Bag o'Cats, Smooch Your Pooch or Ginger Bites
I need a special gift (Birthday, Christmas, etc.) Any Bad Dog biscuit would be a fun gift, but for an extra hit, try Canine Carryout - sure to delight any kid or adult dog owner and their dogs!
My dog eats anything... The perfect Bad Dog!!  Try any one of our delicious biscuits!